Fixed Palletiser Package content

  1. Metallic Frame
    • 4 Diffuse Reflection Sensors
    • Air Monitor Sensor
    • Pneumatic Solenoid Valve
    • Plug in connectors
  1. Palletizer tool 2 boxes/stroke
  2. Electrical power box
  3. Software Fixed Palletizer URCap
    • Sensor Monitoring
    • Load pattern function
  4. Software OVI Palletizer URP
    • Auto-set 1 or 2 boxes/stroke
    • Safe movements – pick box left, right or middle so that they will always be inside the working pallet area
    • Wide variety of box sizes
    • Points reachability check
    • Tool, pallet position, conveyor threads
  5. Multi-area conveyor
    • 2 different speed areas
    • Built-in roller actuators
    • Product sensors
    • Adjustable feet
  6. Software OPM Pattern Maker
    • Option for Palletiser/Lift
    • Palletiser/DePalletiser
    • Multiple pallet sizes configuration screen with layers and pallet height
    • Sheet between layers option
    • Conveyor box feed orientation – configuration screen
    • Pattern configuration possible with mouse box drag and numerical input
    • Automatic allignment and centering
    • Automatic box sorting for robot movements
    • Box selector and modifier
    • Human readable PDF output specifications file
    • Robot pallet pattern file

The Fixed Palletiser Package is a dedicated End Of Line solution which contents
all the necessary hardware and software, including the UR10 robot



Application dependencies:

Fixed Palletiser URPFor UR10
Fixed Palletiser.urcapFor UR10
Fixed Palletiser URPFor UR10
Fixed Palletiser.urcapFor UR10

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