Compact, mobile and easy to set up, a single OVI robot is enough for a wide range of applications, its operation and accessibility being easy for anyone.
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OVI Basic version includes

  1. OVI frame
    • 4 Diffuse Reflection Sensors
    • Air Monitor Sensor
    • Pneumatic Solenoid Valve
    • Teach Pendant Sensor
    • Adjustable Feet
    • Magic Connector – pneumatic & power supply, 36 GPIO’s, ethernet, 24V-DC @5A
  1. Point Zero Station
  2. Point Zero Calibration Tool
    • Digital support
    • Fast Tool Changer Flange – Male
  3. Robot side tool changer flange – Female
  4. Power Box
  5. Software OVI URCap
    • Station Identifier
    • Tool Identifier
    • Station Management – station name, application, tool, create new application
    • Auto-set Tool Data
    • Calibration Method – create Point Zero, waypoint recalculation
    • Sensors Monitoring
    • Auto-move in positions of interest – Point Zero Position, Tool Change Position, Home Position, Transport Position
    • Diagnostics Tab – TP check, Air check, internet check, tool check, station check
    • Check reachability of updated poses

Please note that our product comes without robot, so you mount the UR robot arm after purchasing from your country according to Universal Robots policy.



Our robot vs. other robots


3 minute configuration - No specialist needed
OVI is switched on in 5 seconds
ZERO human error


2 to 10-day configuration
Switched on in up to 16 hours
Problems that may arise when setting up the IOs manually

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