Our story is one of passion and innovation via robotics

Based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the city well known as “Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe”, OVISO Robotics is a leading provider of bespoke robotic, automation solutions and applications within a wide range of industries.

With over 10 years experience in industrial robotics, our team is focused on tomorrow’s technological challenges constantly developing solutions with a high degree of flexibility, versatility and adaptability ready for industry 4.0.

Our Solution

We offer the only robotic solution that ensures enhanced versatility by bringing to the market a single mobile robot. Compact, mobile and easy to set up, OVI is suitable for a wide range of applications like Palletizing, DePalletizing, Case Erector, Pick&Place, Sanding, Grinding and also custom applications.


We provide out of the box, plug-and-play, mobile, collaborative and versatile robotic solution named Ovi, that integrates Universal Robots collaborative robots.

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We work within most industries, and are constantly seeking for new and innovative ways to revolutionize production processes through automation.

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Our Team

Our team of engineers and experts in robotics, automation, machine learning and production optimization, is driven by the mission of bringing total freedom to human hands from repetitive tasks, so teams around the world could focus on doing more meaningful work. We’re passionate about how they could apply robotics and automation to solve existing problems in production processes. We’re always learning new and better ways to meet our customers’ evolving needs .

Sorin DAN - CEO

Sorin Dan

Ovidiu STAN - CTO

Ovidiu Stan


Ioan Purcelean

Horatiu DAN - Business developer

Horatiu Dan

Business developer
Andrei BICAJANU- Sales and Marketing Manager

Andrei Bicajanu

Sales manager
Andrei BRUMBOIU- software engineer

Andrei Brumboiu

Software Engineer
Rasmus LARSSON - product development engineer

Rasmus Larsson

Product development engineer

Tudor Fertea

Software engineer

Lucian Tomeac

Product developer

Bogdan Balog

Product developer

Lorand Rus

Mechanical Engineer
Eyas DEEB - Mechatronics Engineer

Eyas Deeb

Robotics Research Engineer

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