Cobot Lift is bringing a safe and flexible automation for 5-45 kg payloads to manufacturers of all sizes with Pick and Place or palletizing tasks. Our collaborative hybrid will enable you to achieve a greater productivity to stay ahead of the competition.

Cobot Lift Package content

  1. Metallic Frame
  2. Electrical power box
  3. Software Fixed Palletizer URCap
    • Sensor Monitoring
    • Load pattern function

Automating repetitive Pick and Place tasks from
5 to 45 kg with Cobot Lift

Automate your palletizing and ensure your pallets are always correctly counted and packed



Application dependencies:

 Cobot Lift URPFor UR10
Cobot Lift.urcapFor UR10
Fixed Palletiser URPFor UR10
Fixed Palletiser.urcapFor UR10

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