Flexible Robotic Soldering Station

The Oviso Robotics Flexible Robotic Soldering Station uses an UR5 robot with JBC soldering tool which can solder about 6 DOF (complex geometry) within a complete robotic enclosed cell. It is equipped with a pallet turning system that allows the human operator to load and unload during the solder process. The soldering tool comes with a tip cleaner and an automatic tip changer repository so the robot can perform different types of soldering on the same product without interrupting the process.

For safety purposes, the rotary indexing pallet mechanism is equipped with a hardware break and IFM barrier for the operator.

Within the complete solution the URCap developed by Oviso Robotics facilitates rapid programming for the new products.

As an Industry 4.0 solution our soldering robotic cell is equipped with an IXON router which allows different user types to monitor, control and interact with the system using IXON cloud dashboards including VPN for the polyscope.

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Key Features:

  1. Smart soldering tool with tip changer
  2. Automatic tip cleaner
  3. 2 working areas (continuous soldering robot & human pallet change-over)
  4. Pallet traceability with RFID 
  5. iXON router with Cloud dashboard (SIM card connectivity option)
  6. Stable mechanical design with rotary table, pallet lift and hard-break
  7. Small footprint (1200 x 1500 mm)
  8. IFM SAFETY barrier
  9. Pre-processing & post-processing image analysis using industrial camera as option 

Please note that our product comes without robot, so you mount the UR robot arm after purchasing from your country according to Universal Robots policy.


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